The Group relies almost entirely on subscriptions from the parents of young members and on our own fundraising. We receive no regular contributions from elsewhere. Subscriptions are £34 per term and are collected through online scout manager.

The subscription is reviewed annually by the Group Executive Committee, who keep it as low as possible consistent with providing first-rate Scouting to all our youth members.

A major cost is an annual payment for every youth member. Some of this maintains the Scout District, Scout County and UK Headquarters, but a large part of it pays for the very comprehensive insurance for all our activities.

The list below shows some of the main areas in which we spend money.

  • Training of leaders
  • Donation to Solihull Methodist Church towards the use of the hall and storage.
  • Uniform, scarves and badges
  • Books and publications for adults and children
  • Annual insurance payments
  • Materials for section meetings
  • Purchase and maintenance of camping and other equipment

If you have any questions about subscriptions or finance, please contact our Group Treasurer.