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We’ve had some requests for the ability to save NAN forms so that they can be submitted later after a cuppa!

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If you have any questions then please contact your District Commissioners who can feed it back to us!

A post about achievements and soup!

Last week I met with the Assistant County Commissioners and we took the opportunity to reflect on many of the great things that have been achieved over the last few years across the County. We came up with a long list including our growth in numbers, the achievement of many youth and adult awards, wood badges and permits, international and local experiences, County and District events, and our website and digital tools. None of these would have been possible without the amazing teams of people supporting young people and fellow adults in the groups, units, District and County teams.

Having reflected on the past we then turned our thoughts to the future and how we build on these achievements, focussing the key pillars of Programme, People and Perception. And it was suggested that this plan should include the resurrection of the CC Blog – so this is the first of an occasional series and thank you for reading!

I finished off my week serving soup in 30 mph winds at the County Night Hike. I was so impressed by the resilience of the 270+ young people who took part in this event in what became quite challenging conditions. Our checkpoint was roughly two-thirds of the way round and we were still greeted with smiles and polite thank yous, even though it was the middle of the night and everyone was getting very tired. There are too many people to thank individually for organising, running and supporting this fantastic event, but I would like to mention Paul Webb and Richard Budd.

In the week ahead I’m looking forward to meeting a new cohort of Young Leaders and helping to deliver some regional training to a group of young adult leaders. I hope that you also have a great Scouting week and thank you for everything you do.


Severn Trent Grant Funding

We have received news from Severn Trent about a new community fund.

Details taken directly from email as below

Exciting news…our brand new Community Fund has launched!

We’ve committed to giving more than £10 million over the next five years to fund worthy projects across the Severn Trent region, to make a real difference in the communities we serve.

The fund is focused on improving community wellbeing through three key elements:

  • People – projects that facilitate healthier lifestyles and skills development
  • Place – projects that create better places to live and use
  • Environment – projects that facilitate a healthier natural environment, greater access to that environment or that support the preservation of water

And of course, being a water company, naturally we’d love to see applications for projects that have a connection to water too – this might mean creating sustainable drainage, installing grey water recycling or creating water efficient green spaces.

Applications are now open via our website

Our independent Community Fund Customer Panel made up for Severn Trent customers will review applications on a quarterly basis and decide where the money goes. They will meet for the first time in March and we’ll start giving out our first grants in April 2020.

You can find full eligibility criteria and the link to apply at

Night Hike & Six Summits Bookings Open

Bookings are now open for both Six Summits in May and County Night Hike in February!

For further information see the following pages;

County Night Hike

Six Summits


County Night Hike – 8th February 2020

Solihull County Night Hike is an overnight hike starting at Heart of England Conference Centre. There are two routes, one for Scouts and one for Explorers.

Six Summits – 8th – 10th May 2020

Six Summits is a 36 mile 3 days hike across the Shropshire Six Summits.

Open to Scouts & Explorers it is designed for experienced walkers who would like to enhance their skills and personal development across the two challenges to be completed over two years.