Alex and Bella act fast to get medical help for their dad

Alex and Bella’s Scout skills were put to very good use when their dad had an accident at home whilst their mum was out for a run.

He had a serious fall, fracturing his skull as well as sustaining other injuries. Alex, who is 9 years old, took charge and administered first aid – he made his dad comfortable on the floor and checked his breathing. Bella, who is 6 years old, called the ambulance and calmly told them what had happened, gave them their address and postcode and then spoke to them until the ambulance arrived and she let the paramedics in.

Vicki, who is Alex and Bella’s mum, said that both she and their┬ádad are immensely proud of their actions and that Scouts means so much to both of them.

Julie, Beaver Leader at 2nd Monkspath, nominated Alex and Bella for a Scout award and here they are with their Solihull Scouts Merit Awards, our own local recognition of their bravery and courage.